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When Skyline Relocations first contacted me, for my move from Daytona Beach, FL to Charlotte, NC, they quoted me a pretty typical price at first, but Louie was really great and worked the price down to a price that was really great and fit right into my price range. I told him that I would keep the quote and call him once when I had all my plans for the move set in stone. He called again a few days later to check in, and I told him that I had confirmed my living arrangements, and that I would be interested in setting up the move with him. He had told me that he had two trucks coming down to Florida and that it wouldn’t be any trouble, I could pick any day that was convenient for me, and the guys would already be in the area. I told him that the 29th was the best day for pickup, and I would just need to know what time they would be coming. He told me that the guys would call with a time frame the day before, so I would have a rough idea. He also told me that he would need to take my credit card number, and that $265 would be taken then, which was the 25th of October, and the final $300 would be taken once the movers arrived. I agreed that it would be fine on the condition that the move was completed. Louie and I also discussed the option of putting my belongings into a storage due to my job extending my stay in Daytona. He said that it wouldn’t be an issue and that they had a place in Charlotte that they used and it would be only an additional $70 for a month of storage. He took the payment, said he would send confirmation via email and that I would hear from the movers with my time.

No confirmation ever came, just another copy of the quote. I figured that it may have just slipped his mind and it didn’t really worry me too much. I called and asked him about it, but he said that it wouldn’t process for a few days. So I didn’t worry about it. Waited through the weekend, and till the end of Monday for a call. No call ever came. So I called Tuesday morning to get an update. I spoke with Louie again and he said that the guys would be arriving at 3pm. And he said that the remaining $370 would have to be paid in cash. I told him that I would prefer to pay credit card ideally, but could do a money order if it was necessary. He was hesitant but said that money order should work, but credit card was not an option because of the processing time.I proceeded to ask for the information of where my belongings would be kept. He told me that when they arrives in Charlotte they would find a place. They were coming to get my stuff in a few short hours, but had NO plans of where it would be. I asked how I could access my stuff, and they said that they would leave a key UNDER THE DOOR and I could just reach under it, and use the key to open it up. Told his that if I could reach under the door and get it, most anyone else could too. His response was that no one else would know it was there. He was risking the entire amount of my belongings to the fact that “no one will see it”.

I became increasingly uncomfortable with the situation. No confirmation via email, no call for the time frame, and they had NO plan for what they were going to do with all of my stuff in storage. I told him that I wanted to cancel. I had signed no contract, no contract was even drawn up. I didn’t sign anything, but he said that he couldn’t refund any of my money. They had spent no money on me, and the guys hadn’t even left the job before mine when I called. He had never stated that the money was non refundable, but as soon as I told him that I was uncomfortable, he started yelling at me telling me to calm down. I told him that it was unprofessional, and I was upset with how unprofessional he had been. I spoke with a Ron, who told me that they were very sorry about my concerns and that he would have Louie talk to me. Louie told me that I was overreacting, and again that I needed to calm down. But with everything I have to my name being at stake, I feel like the concern was called for. I told him I was not trying to cause any issues, I just wanted my $265 back, and that I was just going to keep my belongings in storage in Daytona till later on. Louie was hesitant but said that he would refund the money.

One of my friends who had been helping plan the move called to confirm that it would be refunded to my account, and Louie told him that he would not refund it. After he had just told me that he would refund it! Louis then proceeded to call me about it, yelling at me telling me that he would not refund me anything and threatening that he would make sure that I would never be able to use any professional movers ever again. Overall he was extremely unprofessional, refuses to give me any money back, no signed contract or even a signature for the transaction. DO NOT USE SKYLINE RELOCATIONS. He is shady and very unprofessional.

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